Our Staff

Omar Corona (Programming)



Brandon Zinser (Intern)

Brandon is a mass communications student at Colorado Mesa University. He specializes in website design, social media management, digital marketing, and graphic design.

Cheri Trout (Sales Manager)

Cheri is


Michael M (Account Executive)

Hi I'm Mike. I moved out to the Grand Valley from Northern Colorado a little over 7 years ago, and have grown to love this place we call home more and more every day. Media sales has given me a phenomenal opportunity to integrate with the local community and business owners, and I strive to show all my customers exactly how much integrity, discipline, teamwork, and ingenuity can positively impact your business and professional endeavors. Call me today and let me show you exactly how I and the Red Rock Radio group can take your business to the next level.

Coupe (Account Executive)

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Hailey Weddington (Intern)

Hi, My name is Hailey Weddington and I am an intern here at Red Rock Radio Group. I have a passion for Mass Communications and Marketing and PR in particular. Working with Red Rock has given me the ability to improve all of my skills I have learned in school. I am grateful for the chance to work here.

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