With the recent widespread devastation in Texas we are inviting this wonderful community we live in to help make a difference to those who have lost everything due to Hurricane Harvey. We have been in contact with Texas Relief groups (VOAD groups and members) and are set up with them to bring in supplies and Monetary donations needed to help the shelters. We will be accepting donations at several businesses listed below for the next month. Starting Friday for a donation of an item or a dollar or more you will be able to get a personal hand cut heart or hand and will be able to write something inspirational or a kind word to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. These notes will be placed in necessity bags individually made for each person needing a bag that will be handed out in shelters across Texas. Below is a list of items that was provided to us from the relief groups in Texas and businesses that will be accepting and selling the hands and hearts. At this time we are not collecting clothing as they have asked because they have an over abundance of it already there and are in greater need of other items at this time. We also will be needing many volunteers to help pack, sort, and label and load a truck and trailer. If you would like to volunteer please contact us with your information so we can contact you. We will be also hosting some other fundraisers to raise funds and items needed and will post the info at a later time. Please help if you are able to and make a difference for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Bottled water
Wipes for babies
Wet wipes for self cleaning
Adult diapers
Tylenol/ibuprofen for children and adults
Tooth paste and tooth brushes
Arm deodorant for men and woman
Tampons and sanitary pads
Small bottles of shampoo and conditioner
Hand sanitizer
Toilet paper
Canned-soups/Roman noodles/veggies/tuna/chicken
Peanut butter
Powder or boxed milked
Granola bars
Fruit and grain bars
Fruit snacks
Small individual healthy snacks for children
Coloring books
Wash clothes
Paper plates
Zip lock bags
Cleaning supplies
Rubber gloves
Plastic silver ware
Dog and cat food
Gas cards/Gift Cards or monetary donations

Heart & Hand Notes for a donation of items or for $1.00 and Items can be dropped off
Delta: Pioneer Propane
741 1325 Rd

Olathe: Hottie Coffee
519 Highway 50 Business Loop

Wicked Mobile Garage
300 Main Steeet

Montrose: Classey Closet
1012 East Main St

San Juan Mountain Credit Union
1102 South Cascade

Just Like New
232 East Main
Mon-Sat 10-5

Dads Automotive
1210 Nth Townsend

1865 E Main Street

Montrose Memorial Hospital
800 S 3rd Street
Donation box will be in the lobby grill

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