Best Places to Look at Christmas Lights in Grand Junction 2016 [MAP]

Tis’ the season to deck the house with holiday cheer. If you’re like me, you look forward to this time of the year where we can look at Christmas lights with friends and family. Redrock 101 has compiled a list and a Google Map of the best places to look at Christmas light in Grand Junction, Fruita and Palisade.

1st and Patterson in the Northridge Subdivision

1ST STThe first one on our list is a neighborhood that never seems to lack Holiday Spirit. Year after year you can count on this neighborhood to go all out. This is the subdivision on the corner of 1st and Patterson.

North 15th and Crestview Way

15TH STThis subdivision is in the center in town, yet is hidden from the general public. If you get lost it is definitely worth busting out google maps and finding this neighborhood.



This neighborhood doesn’t spare a penny when it comes to creating a Winter Wonderland. Very festive and will draw many “ooohs” and “awwws”. This is the house you can see from the interstate, and it looks similar to this picture as our speeding by!


27 1/2 and CourtlandCRESTRIDGE LIGHTS

This neighborhood is also located in the center of town. There are many dead ends and cul-de-sacs in this neighborhood so try not to get lost. If you do, at least you’ll have great views until you find your way out.

27 1/4 and H rd.


The staff at Christmas Decor of Grand Junction will blow everyone’s mind this year!¬† Over 150,000 lights, 12,000 ft. of extension cords, 7 weeks and over 2,000 man hours to design, produce, layout and install. You will need to view the ‘surprise’ of this year’s display for at least 12 minutes (display on daily from¬†5pm – 11pm) – you will see why when you get there.

If you know of anymore neighborhoods/houses that we should add to this list, please submit the information below so our listeners can enjoy those as well.

Best Places to Look at Christmas Lights in Grand Junction 2016 [MAP]
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